Summary Care Records – No Thanks!

This morning I received a letter from the NHS telling me about the scheme to capture patients data on something known as a Summary Care Record.   When this was first muted I said people should be given the option to opt in, however all that we have been given is the option to opt out, and that has been made as difficult as possible.   There is no opt out form in the details being sent to patients, no you have to fill out a form and return it asking for the NHS to send you an opt out form.   They know that thousands, perhaps millions of people will miss this and therefore their records will be captured, what a nasty devious way of dealing with patients, yes its legal, but I believe is immoral!       I have requested my opt out form, because this is just the start of personal records being put in the hands of people who can’t be trusted, who have demonstrated so many times how careless they are with the protection of data.      If you want to opt out, remember to ask for your opt out form, alternatively you can access one by clicking HERE. 


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