Hard Fought Success!

Readers of the Blog will be aware of the fact that back in November last year, after a 12 month battle the Council granted a gating order to close off the footway between Bradman Road and Wastdale in order to deter crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.         In the last five months the Council has seemed to do everything it could to get out of installing these gates, this culminated in a very strong exchange of words between me and Council officers.       Finally after banging heads together the Council has finally agreed to get on with the job.     You can read the Head of Laws email to me confirming that by clicking HERE     Its been a long hard struggle but thankfully common sense has prevailed.


3 thoughts on “Hard Fought Success!

  1. Your “hard work” was only for a selected group of residents of Bradman Road. What about the other residents you were elected to represent? Did you consult the people who live next to the Wastdale Drive side of the footpath or opposite, you dont need to answer this because you did not.

  2. Dear Mrs Williams
    Thank you for your comment. Many people were consulted over this issue, that is why a petition of objection and letters of objection were submitted to the Council. It was the Licensing Committee who made the decision to approve the order with the support of Merseyside Police. I have and always will represent all the people who have put their trust in me. It is clear that you feel aggrieved by the decision to install the gates. You of course do have the right to ask the Council to review the order and I would suggest that if you are so opposed to community safety measures such as these then that is something you consider doing. Best wishes, Cllr Chris Blakeley

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