Is This Within the Rules?

I was contacted by one of my constituents earlier this week who lives in Upton, which, until the general election is in fact in the Wirral West constituency.    They told me that they had received a letter from the Wallasey MP inviting them to a coffee morning at Eastway Community Centre.   The letter was on House of Commons paper, in a House of Commons envelope, with the postage paid.    You can read that letter by clicking HERE.    

You may think nothing strange with that,  surely the MP is allowed to contact  constituents?   Yes they can, but the person/persons the MP has written to in Upton, are not in the Wallasey constituency, that is until the general election.     I am concerned that this is electioneering using the public purse, and as such I have written to the Sergeant at Arms at the House of Commons asking for this matter to be looked into.     I have been informed my complaint has been forwarded to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.    I wonder what their response will be?


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