Summary Care Records – No Thanks!

This morning I received a letter from the NHS telling me about the scheme to capture patients data on something known as a Summary Care Record.   When this was first muted I said people should be given the option to opt in, however all that we have been given is the option to opt out, and that has been made as difficult as possible.   There is no opt out form in the details being sent to patients, no you have to fill out a form and return it asking for the NHS to send you an opt out form.   They know that thousands, perhaps millions of people will miss this and therefore their records will be captured, what a nasty devious way of dealing with patients, yes its legal, but I believe is immoral!       I have requested my opt out form, because this is just the start of personal records being put in the hands of people who can’t be trusted, who have demonstrated so many times how careless they are with the protection of data.      If you want to opt out, remember to ask for your opt out form, alternatively you can access one by clicking HERE. 

Wallace and Gromit in Space

Last night in my role as a Mersey Ferries Board Member and member of Merseytravel I attended a preview of the new visitor attraction at Spaceport, Wallace and Gromit in Space.    

L to R: Roger Phillips, 'Wallace', Cllr Alan Dean, Neil Scales, Cllr Peter Millea, Cllr Chris Blakeley

The exhibition is absolutely tremendous and I believe will be a real winner with children and adults.   As well as lots to look at, visitors can interact with space age contraptions, assist Wallace in his space workshop and design their very own alien, you may even be able to find the odd wedge of Wensleydale!    A can promise anyone who goes a ‘Grand Day Out’.

Hard Fought Success!

Readers of the Blog will be aware of the fact that back in November last year, after a 12 month battle the Council granted a gating order to close off the footway between Bradman Road and Wastdale in order to deter crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.         In the last five months the Council has seemed to do everything it could to get out of installing these gates, this culminated in a very strong exchange of words between me and Council officers.       Finally after banging heads together the Council has finally agreed to get on with the job.     You can read the Head of Laws email to me confirming that by clicking HERE     Its been a long hard struggle but thankfully common sense has prevailed.

An Artists Impression

Thanks to local resident John Owen for putting together the artists impression (pic above) of what the Vodafone Telephone Mast may look like if the planning application is approved, all I have done is added the text.   It must be stressed the picture is not to scale, and is only designed to show how obtrusive it would be, and how it would blight an otherwise lovely area of Open Green Recreational Space.      Once again many thanks to John, for the pic and for all the other facts he has provided me with to aid the opposition to the application.    John has his own website which can be accessed by clicking HERE.      For more information on the planing application and information on how you can object to it click HERE  

Another Telephone Mast Application for Moreton

A couple of months ago we were made aware, through a pre-application consultation document that Vodafone were considering submitting a planning application for a telephone mast near to Linear Park.     I objected, as did many local residents.     Despite those objection we have learned today that Mono Consultants has submitted a planning application on behalf of Vodafone for a ‘Telephone Mast, Antennae, Cabinet and Ancillary Equipment’ on the footpath adjacent to the Linear Park Area.    Application number: ANT/10/00325.       

We have asked that the application be taken out of delegated authority, which means that the decision to approve or refuse the application will be made by Wirral’s Planning Committee on Thursday 22nd April in a public hearing, at Wallasey Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey CH44 8ED.   The meeting starts at 6pm and is open to the public.  

We think its a crazy application in a totally inappropriate location.    The Council is spending £81,000 on refurbishing the childrens play area, and along come Vodafone who want to stick a mast and other equipment close to it.

We have already submitted our objections to the application.    If you want to object you can do so by sending an email to the planning officer dealing with the application,  or, by writing to her at Cheshire Lines Building, Canning Street, Birkenhead, ensuring you quote: ANT/10/00325.  All objections must be submitted by the 16th April.

Washing Dirty Laundry!

Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton community will be aware that last year saw the end of an era, when Fitz’s General Store on Hoylake Road closed after many years trading in the town.     It closed because of ill health of Mrs Fitzpatrick, not as a result of the Tesco Express which opened a few years ago.    The premises have been empty for a few months, however some work has been going over recent weeks.  

We have discovered through Wirral’s Planning Website that a planning application has been submitted to change the use of the premises to a Launderette (Application number:  10/00174)    You can see details of the application by clicking HERE   We are delighted that this empty shop is being brought back into use.