NHS – Remember the Small Blue Card?

In 2008 the Primary Care Trust (PCT) tried to get all our medical records on to an american database in the name of progress.     People were sent a ‘Small Blue Card’ and if they did not complete it and opt out of the process then by default their medical records would have been uploaded to a massive database.  After a huge outcry the scheme was abandoned here in Wirral.

However, it has been revealed in a letter from Kathy Doran, Chief Executive Wirral NHS, to the Chairman of Wirral’s Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee that another scheme is on its way in, ‘Summary Care Records’.      You can read that letter by clicking HERE.       We are told that this is a national scheme ordered by the Department of Health (DOH) and administered by them.    Although the data will be controlled by the DOH, it is yet again a scheme that does not give you the choice to opt in.      In fact if you don’t Opt Out, you will automatically be included in the scheme.     

Now I do not have a problem with the scheme, and on the face of it, it could benefit patients, however I deplore the tactics of automatic inclusion, unless you say otherwise.      I believe there should be real choice, anything else is unacceptable to me, and for that reason, and as a matter of principal I shall be opting out of this scheme.

So watch out, you will be  receiving a letter in the next month or so telling you about this scheme.  Make sure you read the letter and then determine if you want to ‘Opt Out’.    If you don’t want your personal details and a summary of your medical record being made available, make sure that you contact your GP and opt out of this scheme.  If you don’t opt out, then your details will automatically be included.


3 thoughts on “NHS – Remember the Small Blue Card?

  1. Some people are wondering why ther has been no progress on the “Warrens ” site at Thingwall to build one of those super GP clinics or Poly Clinic as they have been called.
    It would seem that due to the present econimic circumstances the Devlopers or ultimate Owners of the Construction are feeling the pinch financially.
    This sort of “Private Finance Initiative” where developers actually build the new Clinic or Hospital then lease it back to the NHS and GP Practice over a long period, thus making huge financial profits for the private backers in the scheme, have so far cost the British Government lots and lots of money, yes you guessed it your taxpayers money, going to pay profits to private speculators.
    Is at the moment having a bit of a finacial crisis, so no more progress with these schemes until we the taxpayers have been squeezed yet again, after the elections of course.
    Is that not a curious coincidence, it would seem that all that hogwash we were told about how urgent these places are, and how much of a benefit they would be to the patients, now take second place to the whims of the profit chasing speculators in the world, not to mention aided and abetted by the PCT/NHS/ GP Doctors. etc who all live very well on your money, collected with or without your consent via Taxes and Insurance, or rates.
    So much for Democracy.

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