‘U Turn’ Number 3!

Last night Wirral’s ruling Labour Led, and Lib Dem Cabinet met to determine Wirral Council’s budget for the next 12 months.      I understand they have set a budget that will increase council tax by 1.67% and have built into the base budget for future years a sum that will keep Guinea Gaps bath open.

After the humiliating ‘U Turns’ on the Libraries issue, closely followed by another ‘U’ Turn’ on the Academy issue, it appears that Steve Foulkes and is cabinet disciples have no shame, and have ‘U Turned’ yet again on Guinea Gap baths.    I am of course delighted that this much used, much needed and well love facility will remain, as will the libraries, and they like Guinea Gap will remain because of the tremendous pressure put on by local residents and the Conservatives.

However one has to ask,  why did the Council Leader embark on his Strategic Asset Review, why did he want to close our libraries, swimming pools and leisure centres, he told us then it was because Wirral was in dire financial straights, yet now, he says that Wirral is in a good financial position?     Anyone would think an election was due!   Surely Cllr Foulkes would not be that cynical………… Would he?


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