Lets Beat It Together

On Sunday, along with colleagues I will be attending the launch of Slimming Worlds  ‘Community Weight Loss Challenge’  at Moreton Community Centre in Maryland Lane.    

With the fast pace of of todays lifestyle and the proliferation of convenience and fast foods, many of us, including our children simply do not pay enough attention to our diets, we eat many of the wrong things at the wrong time, and simple changes would make all the difference to our health.    

Sunday’s event is a child obesity awareness day and runs from 12 noon until 4pm and is open to anyone who wants to attend, to either sign up for the challenge or simply learn more about diet and weight loss.   

Did You Know:

  • 30 million adults in britain are overweight or obese
  • Being overweight can shorten life span by up to nine years
  • Every year 40,000 die from weightbrelated illnesses
  • Obesity puts massive pressure on GP’s and the NHS and costs over £4 billion pounds a year to deal with.

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