Approved, But ONLY After Objectors Have Left!

Last Night, while I was at planning I witnessed a real cock up,  (with worse to follow later).    A planning application was being considered that impacted on Thirlmere Drive in Liscard.   Quite a lot of objectors turned up and ward Councillor, Leah Fraser addressed the committee.   After a debate, Conservative Councillor, Paul Hayes moved an amendment to refuse the application ( Officers had recommendation approval).   The amendment was put and lost, however the officers recommendation which should have been voted on wasn’t, so in effect the application was not approved.  

The objectors left, as did I and Leah.    I have since learned in an email from the Chairman of the Committee that the Legal Officer present advised the Chairman to take a vote on the matter later in the evening, this after the objectors had left.   How open and transparent is that?    I believe this sort of behaviour is outrageous and demonstrates a clear disregard for the public of Wirral.    Both myself and Leah have spoken to the Head of Law and asked him to intervene in this matter.    He has assured me that No decision notice will be sent out, until he has carried out his investigation into this matter.


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