WHAT? Wirral Help & Alcohol Treatment!

This morning, along with my colleagues, Leah Fraser and Ian Lewis I attended an alcohol challenge event at Wallasey Town Hall, ‘Taking Steps To Rethink Drink’ organised by NHS Wirral.    The event was well attended by about 80 people, many of whom who are involved in delivering programmes and advice about drinking.

We had presentations from Marie Armitage, Director of Public Health in Wirral, Shyamal Mukherjee, Medical Director NHS Wirral and Andrew Bennett, Centre for Public Health, LJMU.     The theme throughout demonstrated that alcohol consumption is a very real problem in Wirral.   We were bombarded with lots of statistics, some really shocking, and linking alcohol to Cancer, Liver failure, Stroke, Heart Disease and many more health issues.      Perhaps  one of the most alarming stats was the fact, that even if people who drink follow the Government guidelines, they still run the risk of a one in a hundred chance of dying from an alcohol related illness.      

I do not class myself  as a heavy drinker, however after this mornings event I will be committing to cut back on my alcohol intake.    Are you drinking too  much, want to cut down or simply want to find out more click HERE


One thought on “WHAT? Wirral Help & Alcohol Treatment!

  1. After attending the event myself, which I too found quite alarming, I have contacted the Alcohol Harm Reduction Team who are interested in conducting Alcohol Awareness Training for all VCAW staff. This would be a good way forward for lots of organisations.

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