Shops and Maisonettes Town Meadow Lane

Earlier today, along with the shopkeepers who trade on Town Meadow Lane in Moreton, I met with Brian Simpson, Chief Exec of Wirral Partnership Homes (WPH), Steve Eaves, Regeneration Manager (WPH) and Maria Killick of Ainsley Gommon Architects to look at some early options for the long overdue redevelopment of this site.

The meeting, the second with the shopkeepers looked at various possible layouts for redevelopment.    Lots of discussion was stimulated about the potential locations of the shops, parking and size of units and whilst it is moving the issue forward still leaves a lot of work to be done.    However I really believe that this time WPH are serious about doing something positive on this site.    I will do all I can to make this happen.


3 thoughts on “Shops and Maisonettes Town Meadow Lane

  1. While parking is being looked at in this area, the Council may consider providing some decent parking outside the flats on the other side of the road.

    Currently residents’ parking has to dangerously obstruct traffic on the blind bend or park half on the grass verge which gets churned into to a mud-pile this time of year.

    It’s not ONLY the Shops and Maisonettes on that stretch of road which should be cause for embarrassment to both WPH and the Council.

  2. I was born and raised in Moreton and have lived within walking distance of this eyesore for 46 years, although it hasn’t always been like that. I remember when the flats were all occupied and the shops all rented to florishing businesses. We had a butcher, wet fish merchant, chemist, green grocer and even a chandler. Mr Bhula’s grocery/newspaper/off licence…plus the chip shop are the only remnents left of the local shopping experience. I realise that going back is not an option but… least do something to help our community in the future.

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