£30k for Police Treatment!

We regularly read in the press of attacks on NHS staff,  particularly by those who cannot hold their booze, and who take up valuable NHS staffs time in hospitals A&E departments, predominently at weekends.      Arrowe Park Hospital has a zero tolerance approach to abuse of its staff, something which I support wholeheartedly, but even with their own security, they still pay almost £30,000 a year to have a police officer on duty overnight on Friday’s and Saturday’s.     That’s £30,000 that could be spent on treating patients, as well as a police officer who could  be out on the streets.   

Hospital A & E departments should be safe havens for NHS staff and for those in need of emergency treatment, sadly, because of a very small minority of drunken idiots hospitals around the country are having to pay for police protection!     You can read the Hospitals press statement by clicking HERE


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