Is This What’s Known As Recycling?

I have just received a copy of a comment from a Moreton resident, that was sent to Wirral Council’s website.    It seems despite pleas for patience, and storage of recyclable goods to the public of Wirral by the Council’s Head of Streetscene during these difficult times, that Biffa have not heard the same call and today emptied both Green and Grey whellie bins in the same vehicle!   I have asked the Council for a full explanation?   I have reproduced below, the email sent to me, however I have removed the name and address of the sender.    What do you think?

“Sorry to complain, but I want to comment on the recent bin non collections.   I fully understand why the bin collection services have been disrupted by the bad weather, although I must say that it seems to have taken forever to clear just some of the backlog.     My complaint is that, having waited since 27 December for a Green bin collection and 02 January for a grey bin collection, a vehicle turned up today and emptied both green and grey bins into the same vehicle!    Your website asks us all to be patient and store dry recycleables until after the grey bins have been emptied, which is what I have done.     What a complete waste of time and effort sorting my waste.     I cannot believe that Wirral Council can condone this action, as it flies in the face of all of the efforts to increase the level of recycling in the borough.  I would be interested to hear your comments on this incident, and to have an assurance that this will not happen in the future.     As I state in my E-mail, I understand the disruption, but I am really annoyed that my efforts to recycle are treated with such contempt.    I have obtained an extra grey bin, and regularly fill 2 bins each fortnight, so I hope you can understand my frustration.     Sorry for moaning, and thanks for reading this e-mail.


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