Weather conditions in Wirral, Update!

I have just received the following email from the Councils, Health, Safety and Resilience Manager.

“I thought it might be useful to just drop you all a quick intermediate update give this mornings weather.    I am yet to receive the Regional Met Officers forecast for this morning but this light snow we are experiencing was predicted in yesterdays forecast.     Looking later into the week it would appear that temperatures during the day are expected to rise a little and there is no further prediction of any major snow but rain and sleet into the weekend.    I have had updates from CYPD and DASS this morning and there are no major issues with either of the services although can I ask you all to keep using the internet as your point of reference regarding schools. The road network appears to be ok on the primary and secondary routes and they were gritted early hours of the morning to mitigate the effects of this light snow fall.    Non primary and secondary roads and residential roads plus pavements will of course remain or become slippy again and there are crews out undertaking clearance along the same priorities as previous:   Health locations, Transport Hubs, Retail outlets, Day centres and Schools.     You may be aware that United Utilities are reporting quite sever leakage from their network and this indicates there are a number of water pipes ruptured.    Two that have been reported on Wirral have led to road closures at the following locations: Barnston Rd / Fox & Hounds dip Egerton Rd / Manor Hill – outside St Anselms school heritage gates We have had it reported that Heron Rd is now back open again.     Bins, they are continuing with messages from yesterday advising people on primary and secondary routes to put bins out and they will be collected if they can get to them.     I will keep you updated on anything urgent but the general prognosis seems to be that this light snow will be passing through by the afternoon and then hopefully rising temperatures to accelerate the slow thaw.”    


Mark Camborne Health, Safety & Resilience Operations Manager Wirral  Tel: 0151 6062071


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