It’s Welcome, But Sadly It won’t Make Much Difference!

I read in today’s Daily Post that Wirral is to receive £1.4 million to build 23 new homes, 4 in Wallasey, 5 in Bebington and 14 in Prenton.       Whilst this is a very welcome pot of cash,  I have to ask what effect that will have on Wirral’s ever growing social housing waiting list, with 17,717 registed on the database as at 01 January, 2010?

In 1997 Wirral’s housing waiting list stood at 4,979, in 2007 it had trebled to 15,066 and in the last two years has grown by another 2,615 to almost 18,000, that is epidemic proportions.           If this list is to be reduced by substantial numbers, then Wirral’s Responsible Social Landlords (RSL’s), and the Council really need to get together and look quite radically at a strategy that will really make a difference!

Readers of the Blog and the Moreton Community will be aware of my continuous campaign, first with the Council, then since stock transfer with Wirral Partnership Homes (WPH) to tackle the derelict maisonettes in Town Meadow Lane  This is a site that is crying out for re-development and could provide between 30/35 new homes.   There are many sites like this across the borough and all need to be explored to try to reduce, what I believe is a totally unacceptable amount registered on the Wirral Homes database.


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