Arriva Buses, We Had Some Communication Problems With Wirral

Yesterday I attended the Merseytravel Tram and Bus Committee meeting.   Part of the agenda allows Members to ask questions of bus operators over issues of concern.      Inevitably the main topic of conversation/ questions of the bus operators concerned the recent adverse weather conditions and the ensung chaos with bus services with the ultimate suspension of services for safety reasons.     When questioned, a senior Arriva Manager talked of how good some local authorities had been in liaising with them over gritting, holding up Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton and Halton as examples of good partnership working!   I asked what working arrangements they had with Wirral to ensure that the gritting enabled a quick return to the provision of bus services?   His answer was diplomatically put as, we had some problems in Wirral’   When pushed further he said  ‘we had some communication problems with Wirral’.       Clearly some discussion needs to take place between Wirral and the bus operators!


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