North West Weather Forecast Update 08 Jan


The forecast cloud and patchy light snow failed to make progress across the Pennines, allowing for pretty much as cold a night as the previous night. Below are a selection of minimum temperatures across the region.

Indeed some sites (Shap, Crosby, Hawarden) were even colder.

Woodford                -16.4C
Shap                    -15.8C
Keswick         -8.7C
Crosby                  -10.5C
Hawarden                -12.1C
Manchester Airport      -12C
John Lennon Airport     -8C

(for interest Altnaharra in northern Scotland recorded -21.2C, still some 6 degrees short of the UK record)

Today is expected to be another mainly fine if very cold day across the region with light winds. Temperatures, like yesterday, will stay at or below freezing, perhaps just creeping fractionally above in one or two favoured locations.    There will be some thawing of snow and ice exposed to direct sunshine but this is unlikely to be significant/noticeable where snow cover is substantial.    Overnight temperatures will fall widely to between -5C and -10C with a few of the usual suspects dipping below -10C again. Some patchy cloud and perhaps a few light snow showers may edge across from the east at times but amounts of snow should be very small.

Saturday: Very cold again with maximum temperatures at or slightly below freezing. A little more breeze than today, especially in the south of the region, accentuating the cold. Bright with some sunshine at times but some snow flurries may get across from the Pennines at times.    Overnight with more cloud and breeze (perhaps bringing a few snow flurries) than on previous nights temperatures should not fall to the levels we are currently witnessing.

Sunday: Cloudier than of late but still some bright/sunny weather to be had, especially towards Cumbria. Some intermittent light snow possible, particularly towards Cheshire but still some uncertainty on how far north this will reach.    More importantly we don’t currently expect any significant additional accumulation of snow (perhaps a cm or two). Main feature will be the freshening E to NE wind adding significant wind chill.     Actual air temperatures may climb a little above freezing in places so further slight thawing of lying snow/ice is possible.

Trend for first half of next week:     Cold/very cold at first with further intermittent light snow possible Monday. Becoming largely dry Tue/Wed. Breezy at times. Daytime temperatures will probably get above freezing widely at low levels encouraging slow thawing of lying snow/ice. Significantly overnight temperatures are not expected to fall much below freezing due to increased cloud, breeze and a slightly less cold airmass.     I will add, albeit tentatively, that there are signs of a trend towards gradually less cold conditions from midweek onwards.    Prolonged cold spells can often take a long time to shift and we are still many days off but at least there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon.


Alan Goodman; Met Office Regional Advisor – NW


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