It’s a Mystery?

Chris pictured at the UU site in Carr Lane

Yesterday evening I received lots of complaints  from residents who live on the Millhouse estate, and right across Moreton and Saughall Massie.      All the complaints talked of a pungent, sulphurous, bad egg odour.    The usual suspect was of course the United Utilities, Waste Water Treatment Works in Carr Lane.     As well as contacting the UU Odour hotline, I also reported it to Toby Zorn, the Council’s Environmental Health Officer for the area.       

Toby has just telephoned me to tell me that yesterday, he received many complaints about odours, from Moreton, Saughall Massie, Meols, Upton and Liscard.     So today he started his investigation.   UU at Carr Lane said they had no system failures that they were aware of,  however something may have happened they were not aware of?    Toby then discovered that a farmer had been slurry spreading yesterday in Pump Lane, could it have been that?   He stood next to it today and there was no odour!    He also said that the wind direction was not right for it to have spread right across Moreton!     So what caused the stench?   It may have been UU, it may have been the slurry, or perhaps it was a combination of both,  however none of those theories explain the Liscard complaints?     I suppose that this will remain one of lifes unanswered questions……   But my money is still on UU being the culprit!


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