Would You Like That With The Crust’s On or Off Sir?

Like many, I find it absolutely incredible that Wirral Council is looking to spend over half a million pounds on catering over the next three years, that on top of the £28k it is spending on Council Officers going to Shanghai.      All of  this at a time when school crossing patrols have been slashed, childrens play areas neglected and basic services suffering cuts.    You can read what the Globe says by clicking HERE.

Now I know many meetings take place in the evening, however with the exception of Council, most are over by 8pm, so employees and elected members could eat later at home, and if you know you are going to be late, its not unreasonable to expect people to make other arrangements?    I used to eat in the Town Hall whenever I went in for a meeting, however the quality of the sandwiches was abysmal and most went in the bin, more waste.   I used to have a hot meal prior to full Council, that is until I discovered the cost of the meal was a ridiculous £10 per head. 

When many are feeling the pinch, I believe we should be leading by example, so we should not be providing any FREE food of any sort, for anyone, under any circumstances.    Come on Wirral, get a grip!


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