Latest on Childrens Services in Wirral

Email below has just been sent to me from the Director of Children’s Services:

Schools:  All are closed today (Weds) except 2 primaries.  One further primary school will be closed tomorrow due to oil supplies being low.  One school, New Brighton Primary will be open as it has a very local staff and we have confirmed that the risk to children is low.

We cannot guarantee transport for children with SEN so special schools will be closed tomorrow and Friday.   SEN children who are transported to mainstream schools and those who attend special schools out of borough will also be at home.

Wirral Children’s Homes  are open and running.    Contact is being made with private and voluntary homes accommodating Wirral children.

CADT is open and running as is EDT.     Should EDT workers need to make nighttime visits to families, Police have agreed to collect them from WUTH and transport them.   

Children’s Centres:  A majority are closed but from tomorrow will be staffed and provide a point of contact for families.    They will be re-opened as soon as possible.     One, Seacombe, will be open and will be used for supervised parental contact with LAC. 

Social Services Offices are open and running at reduced staffing levels.  Statutory visits and child protection assessment visits are taking place. 

CP Initial Conferences: have been risk assessed.     Where it is safe to do so these have been re-arranged for early next week.  Others will go ahead.

YOS is operating.     Oaklands is operating. 

Press have been informed and radio interviews have been given.  Broadcasters have been very supportive. 

Howard Cooper


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