Council and Other Services Update!

Latest update from various Council Directors and the PCT which explains how the continuing disruption because of the weather is both affecting services and being managed by all the agencies.

  1. All of Wirral’s schools are closed today
  2. Special schools, including Foxfield in Moreton are also closed tomorrow and Friday as transport cannot be guaranteed
  3. Children’s homes are open and running
  4. Children’s centres are a priority to be kept open
  5. All outpatient appointments today at Wirral Hospital are cancelled
  6. Elective surgery operations, except for cancers cancelled
  7. Radiotheraphy appointments at Clatterbridge have been cancelled
  8. While most day care centres are open, there is no transport, which is creating its own problems
  9. Meals on wheels customers are being contacted by iCare, the supplier, to assess which people are in greatest need
  10. No waste collections again today; however the instructions are to put bins out as normal as Biffa hope to be able to play catch up

If you know of anyone who may be vulnerable please give them a knock on the door, the reassurance is very valuable, and comforting to those who live alone

Finally, for now. I have also heard that Government Office North West (GONW) has now taken control of allocating grit, and salt across the six Merseyside Authorities, hopefully this coordination will lead to greater control of supplies and ease the situation.      More news as it becomes available.


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