What Is The Real Cost to Wirral’s Council Taxpayers?

Wirral’s wheelie bin non collection, because of supposed ‘adverse weather conditions’, I am told has cost Wirral’s council taxpayers nothing extra in cash terms because, the contract the Council has with Biffa is an “output based specification” contract which means that when disruption such as this occurs, the additional resources deployed by Biffa to catch up on missed collections is entirely at their own cost, which they estimate to be £30k to 40k.

Now when the contract was sorted, I am sure Biffa were not daft enough not to foresee this sort of thing happening, and I am sure they will have built in a contingency cost to cover these, and other unforeseen circumstances?    So while we are told there is no additional cost to the council taxpayer, there clearly is, it is just hidden in the total contract cost.   

That of course begs the question, how much extra are Wirral’s council taxpayers, coughing up year on year to Biffa when there are no ‘adverse weather conditions’?     Bet they don’t miss that collection?


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