Bonkers? No It’s Far Worse Than That!

Yesterday I blogged on PC madness regarding the loss of humour in calling bingo numbers, that was bad enough.  But today I read that the British Transport Police (BTP) removed the word Christmas from posters for fear of offending non believers or people of other faiths!     Read more of that by clicking HERE.      It comes to something when people in this country are afraid to use the word Christmas…..   Come the revolution!


One thought on “Bonkers? No It’s Far Worse Than That!

  1. With reference to your “two fat ladies” blog, I don’t condone bullying in any of its guises but maybe the occasional un-PC good-humoured teasing of a “fatty” might have persuaded some to eat more healthily instead of having the explosion of childhood obesity that we have now.

    Unfortunately, we’ve reached the stage when even to mention certain topics leaves one open to accusations of being racist, sexist, “weight-ist” , or whatever.

    Serious subjects that sooner or later will need to be dealt with are being pushed aside because of the PC barmy brigade’s finger-pointing.

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