Wheelie Bin Collection Chaos Continues

I have reproduced below the latest update from the Council regarding the disruption to wheelie bin collection because of the adverse weather conditions.  It seems that is going to take up to next Wednesday to clear the backlog.   The message is:   If the wheelie bin is not collected by 6pm today, then it needs to be put out by 7am latest each day from Sunday on to get it collected.   More in the email below

Dear Councillor, Further to my e-mail yesterday,  I must advise you that all refuse collection services continue to be significantly affected by the current adverse weather conditions.

Only a small proportion of yesterday’s planned refuse collection rounds were completed and it is likely that it will be the same situation today.   Latest weather forecasts indicate we should start to see an improvement over the next couple of days and our contractor, Biffa is gearing up to deploy significant resource to catch up on all bin collections from Sunday 27th December onwards.     Hopefully, all outstanding residual (green) bins will be collected on Sunday 27th/ Monday 28th followed by all outstanding recyclate (grey) bins on Tuesday 29th/ Wednesday 30th resulting in the backlog being addressed by close of play Wednesday 30th December.

Residents who have not had their bins collected today are being advised to present their bins for collection each day from Sunday 27th December.   

Aside of the refuse collection service, the Council has received a significant number of concerns in relation to icy footways, particularly in primary and secondary retail areas.    As a result, Biffa street cleansing crews are being deployed on winter maintenance duties and are providing assistance with clearing snow and ice and gritting these locations.


Mark Smith, Head of Streetscene & Waste Services



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