Takeaway City!

It appears that Moreton, particularly around Moreton Cross is becoming a favourite area for new ‘Hot Food Takeaway’ planning applications.   

Currently there are three takeaways on Upton Road, with the former Fosters Greengrocers also having planning permission for change of use to a takeaway.   Across the roundabout on Pasture Road there are a further four takeaways, making seven operational with one more to come.    On Hoylake Road next door to Waterfields at 223 Hoylake Road, planning permission has been granted for a further hot food takeaway, once opened that will make nine.

Now two more planning applications have been submitted for a further two ‘Hot Food Takeaways’.   First one is application number: APP/09/06438  at, Lauries the Jewellers, 233 Hoylake Road, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 0PF.   Change of use from vacant shop to hot food takeaway,  with the second application, APP/09/06384 being made for change of use for a ‘Hot Food Takeaway at, Cartridge Swop Shop, 201 Hoylake Road, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 0SJ.

Now don’t misunderstand me I welcome all new businesses into the Town, and I am always happy to see empty shop premises brought back into use, however with seven operational takeaways close to the Cross, with a further two with planning permission, do we really need anymore in this already overcrowded cluster of food takeaways?


One thought on “Takeaway City!

  1. If it is overcrowded as you claim then you shouldn’t worry.Because sooner or later some of them will be out of business..Good ones will survive bad ones will die.

    If all of them survive more than a year without chancing hand then your claim will be false.
    If new shop owners are not scaring of a competition then why you worry.

    Many people ,including council ,banks,building owners,bin collection companies,printers,sign makers, etc are will benefit from new takeaways.

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