Road Safety!

This morning, while over at Merseytravel I heard about the serious accident, in treacherous icy conditions on Millhouse Lane, where I understand a bus collided with a house extension causing major damage.  Thankfully there was no one injured.   I also believe one of the two fire appliances collided with each other pushing one into the bus?   

On my return from Liverpool I went to the scene of the accident to witness the damage for myself.   As I approached the scene I slowed because i saw a Colas gritter coming the opposite way and one of us had to give way to allow safe passage between the two fire appliances that were still there.    I was concerned at something I witnessed regarding the gritter, and I have made the Director of Technical Services, Dave Green, aware of my concerns and asked him to investigate them.

Many people have asked, ‘Why wasn’t Millhouse Lane Gritted’?   The Council has issued a press statement which you can read in its entirety by clicking HERE.      It seems the Council only class Millhouse Lane as a ‘local distributor route’.     They seem to forget that it is a main feeder route for the Millhouse, Carr Lane and Lingham Estates, well over 1500 households, it is also a main, and well used bus route, and is used as a ‘rat run’ by commuters who want to cut out the congestion on Hoylake Road and Moreton Cross.    The outcome of this accident could have been so much more catastrophic.   If the Council is serious about road safety it will ensure that they include, at the very least the main feeder routes in the gritting programme.


One thought on “Road Safety!

  1. I thought it would be safer to WALK to Tesco Express along Town Meadow Lane and Millhouse Lane this morning – big mistake! Not only were the pavements treacherous anyway, along Millhouse the pavement has a steep slope towards the roadside. Even if you don’t actually go over, there’s a real danger of just sliding straight into the road where the traffic would be unable to avoid you.

    Seems odd that advice should be to leave your car at home if at all possible and then have no apparent strategy AT ALL to treat the pavements.

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