No Landfill in Moreton

I have heard that MEAS have now published their draft preferred options report which goes to the six local authorities for approval.    We were told this would be in 2010.

I have unconfirmed information that the report discounts the North Wirral Brickworks site, in Carr Lane, Moreton, and the site in Prenton as future landfill sites in Wirral.  This is tremendous news.    As soon as I get more information I will update the blog.


7 thoughts on “No Landfill in Moreton

  1. What a great memorial tribute to Suzanne and all those in the community who worked alongside her to campaign against this ridiculous proposal. What kind of people would think it was a good idea to site a Landfill site so near to residential properties, not to mention the chaos it would have caused with large numbers of waste lorries clogging up already busy and congested roads through Moreton and Meols. Well done to those other hardworking Conservative Councillors too. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  2. Thanks to our Cllrs + the late Suzanne Moseley working with the people of Moreton etc,the war on stupidity is over. Long live Common Sense.

  3. A great Christmas gift. Well done to all of you for campaigning against this. Carr Lane will still be a small piece of rural tranquilty….well apart from the fly tipper!! Many thanks

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