Enough is Enough!

Tonight at full Council,  Steve Foulkes and his cronies voted through new Governance arrangements for the Council, to come into effect in May next year.      I asked the Head of Law to explain to Council the Public Notice that appeared in the Wirral Globe last Wednesday, which to all intents and purposes pre-determined the Council’s decision.      When the Head of Law finished speaking, the Leader of the Council, in his outburst, which also betrayed a conversation he had with the Mayor, I believe crossed the line between banter and downright rudeness!     From Great Leader to Loss Leader – Standards, I think so!


One thought on “Enough is Enough!

  1. I have done quite a lot a research into an exactly similar set of circumstances at Bolton Council.
    Again, the top legal officer of the Council is at the centre of things. Is there a ‘Common Purpose’ in this? All this is documented on my Blog. ‘littleleverblog.blogspot.com’
    Follow the casual interpretation of the wording of the Act and the gullibility of the Elected Members in accepting the legal advice of the top legal officer.

    Paul Richardson

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