Unbelievable! Or Is It?

Readers of the blog will be aware of me questioning the wording of a Council press statement regarding the new governance proposals.   Read more by clicking HERE    The Council’s Head of Law apologised to me, saying the wording was wrong and an amended statement was released.

You will understand then, my total disgust at reading a public notice in the Wirral Globe, authorised by the Council’s Head of Law proclaiming in the timetable that:  ’21st December 2009 – Council resolves to adopt and formally confirm the new governance arrangements and proposals’ .    Clearly there is absolutely no need for any elected members of any party to turn up on Monday, Why?  Because he has made the decision for us, no debate, no argument, no chance to convince anyone its not right.  NO he has removed that right from us.    Now again, just who is running this Council?   TIME FOR CHANGE, and not just elected members!

Addendum to original post:    Head of Law in a telephone call has said the wording in the Public Notice is WRONG.    When I asked him what he was going to about it he said ‘NOTHING’   I then asked for the Council on the 21st to be postponed.   He said NO.      Is that his decision?     HE is WRONG, but he’s RIGHT.  Remind you of anyone?     


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