Just Who Is Running Wirral Council?

Elected Members, Senior Officers or Wirral Press Office?   That is a question posed many times, and my views on the subject are well known.    Whatever the answer, the person ultimately responsible is the Leader of the Council.   

Today Wirral’s Press Office issued a statement which basically pre-determined a decision that will be made by elected members next Monday regarding future Governance Arrangements.     You can read that statement by clicking HERE.      The Statement made it clear what that decision would be!   Absolutely outrageous.  

Clearly the press office have no regard to the views of the 66 elected Members!      The press statement also said that the leader would be elected by the 66 elected members, leading people to believe that would be a done deal, what they should have said is the leader will be elected by a majority vote of those elected members voting.     Choice of words, pre-determination or perhaps wishful thinking!    IT REALLY IS TIME FOR CHANGE IN WIRRAL!   

Anyway I have had a long discussion with the Council’s Head of Law and he admits the wording is wrong, he has assured me that an amended press statement will be issued as soon as possible.      I wait with eager anticipation!


I’m Right, Even When I’m Wrong!

Last night at full Council, The Great Leader, as dubbed by my colleague, Cllr Ian Lewis made it clear that he totally disagreed with the damning findings of the Sue Charteris report in the Wirral’s Library fiasco.   Is this the same Cllr Foulkes who welcomed the Public Inquiry into Wirral’s Library closure programme?   Of course it is, but sadly while welcoming the inquiry, which he believed would vindicate his cultural vandalism in Wirral, he, and lets not forget his sidekick, the Lib Dem, Simon Holbrook, simply can’t accept the findings, which clearly said, he, and they got it wrong!    Well it is panto season isn’t it!

Pollution by De-pollution?

Last night at full Council I submitted a petition on behalf of residents of Berrylands Road, Bramble Way, Sunny Side and Pasture Road who are objecting to a planning application for a vehicle de-pollution facilty on Johnsons Industrial Estate.    You can read more HERE

Now I hope people understand, that I, and local residents all agree that it is right to depollute old vehicles in order to protect our environment, however the location of this particular site, whilst on the Tarran Way estate, is extremely close to residential properties, so residents are quite rightly concerned about the impact such a proposal would have on their lives.