New Labour, Another Own Goal!

At full Council tonight, me and my colleague, Cllr Steve Williams will be moving a Notice of Motion (NOM) calling on the Council to work with Wirral Partnership Homes (WPH) to identify funding and come up with a scheme that will deal with the long overdue redevelopment of the shops and maisonettes on Town Meadow Lane.    You can read the full NOM by clicking HERE.      I was hoping that the NOM would recieve all party support, sadly New Labour has chosen to move an amendment to the NOM, which, simply reminds people of their failed attempt to foist an unwanted development on the people of Moreton back in 2001.        A proposal that generated a petition of objection of over 2,000 signatures, with over 600 people attending a public meeting at the Methodist Church to tell New Labour where to stick there unwanted proposals.   

Their amendment tonight, sadly, but not unsurpsingly does nothing to address the problems of today.   I am of course delighted that they recognise in their amendment that the opposition was led by the Ward Councillors at that time!   Two of those Councillors were of course New Labour Councillors, Mick Groves and Margaret Green.    The words ‘Foot’ and ‘Mouth’ spring to mind


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