The Audit Commission has today published its its Organisational Assessment for the Council, and the Area Assessment for Councils across the Country.    Wirral is performing ‘adequately’ with 2 stars out of 4.   Read more by clicking HERE.      Wirral has not been awarded any Green Flags, however it has been awarded a Red Flag for its safeguarding arrangements of vulnerable adults!      Whilst most, but not all of the other Councils in the area have been awarded 3 stars out of 4, I think it is very disappointing that Wirral is only ‘Adequate’.     I am even more disappointed that according to the Daily Post, the New Labour Council Leader is pleased with the performance!      Is he really pleased that the Council is only performing ‘Adequately’ , pleased that we have no Green Flags, and pleased that we have been awarded a Red Flag?


One thought on “Pleased?

  1. “The council said it believed the Audit Commission was “wrong” to hand out a red flag and said it was misleading”

    Great isn’t it. Independent experts with an overview of how other councils are performing are “wrong” yet again, just as the experts were “wrong” about the council’s decision to close libraries.

    Do I see a pattern emerging!

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