The End Of An Era After 33 Years!

It seems, although I have no official confirmation that the Wirral Show Committee has called time, and there will be no show in 2010, or in years beyond.    I have only picked this up via a Council Media Statement which reads:

A Council spokesperson said: “It was with great sadness that we learned of the committee’s decision.     We would like to pay tribute to the hard work and dedication of all those volunteers involved over many years.     It is simply not possible, at a time of significant financial constraints, for the Council to take over the running and funding of the show.    We will continue to work hard alongside all those people organising events in the area to ensure that Wirral continues to have a successful programme of events for both residents and visitors.”

Read more by clicking HERE, courtesy of the Wirral Globe.


One thought on “The End Of An Era After 33 Years!

  1. It will be a terrible shame if the show doesn’t go ahead – in particular, the Red Arrows’ annual display at Hoylake will be greatly missed. The RAF’s premier display team have brought much needed tourism to the area at the end of each holiday season, and having aircraft like the Red Arrows or the search and rescue helicopters is always a bonus. For more information on the RAF’s Red Arrows, take a look at The Red Arrows website which covers most of the Reds’ formations.

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