Happy New Year

Another year almost over and a new year and new decade to begin.    Me, and my colleagues, Cllr Simon Mountney, Cllr Steve Williams and Leah Fraser would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a peaceful and prosperous 2010.    Whatever you are doing to celebrate the New Year this evening, wherever you are in the world, take care and enjoy!

A Coward and A Bully

This posting is directed to the poor sad, moronic coward, and bully who called me earlier this afternoon anonymously and launched a torrent of abuse at me.      You can call me as often as you like, I will not be bullied or brow beaten by individuals such as yourself, simply because I express my views.    If you want to call and identify yourself, I would be more than happy to have a conversation with you.    However after today’s abusive and disgraceful outburst from you, I somehow don’t see that happening.

What Price Human Rights?

In October I blogged on the Council spending £28,000 on a trip to Shanghai for the World Expo next year.     I argued then that we should be using that money to deliver basic services in Wirral, such as re-instating the school crossing patrols that were axed, or refurbishing Linear Park in Moreton.   I still believe those alone are compelling reasons not to spend council taxpayers money on a trip to China for Council Officers.

However we now have what I believe to be another, perhaps even more compelling reason, the disgraceful and totally unacceptable behaviour of the Chinese State executing Akmal Shaikh.   Read more on that by clicking HERE and HERE.    I believe Wirral Council should lead by example, and make it clear that they will not tolerate China’s total disregard for human rights and withdraw from attending the World Expo next year.

What Is The Real Cost to Wirral’s Council Taxpayers?

Wirral’s wheelie bin non collection, because of supposed ‘adverse weather conditions’, I am told has cost Wirral’s council taxpayers nothing extra in cash terms because, the contract the Council has with Biffa is an “output based specification” contract which means that when disruption such as this occurs, the additional resources deployed by Biffa to catch up on missed collections is entirely at their own cost, which they estimate to be £30k to 40k.

Now when the contract was sorted, I am sure Biffa were not daft enough not to foresee this sort of thing happening, and I am sure they will have built in a contingency cost to cover these, and other unforeseen circumstances?    So while we are told there is no additional cost to the council taxpayer, there clearly is, it is just hidden in the total contract cost.   

That of course begs the question, how much extra are Wirral’s council taxpayers, coughing up year on year to Biffa when there are no ‘adverse weather conditions’?     Bet they don’t miss that collection?

In the Charts at Number 17…..

Transport trade magazine, ‘Transit’ produces an annual ‘who’s who’ , entitled Power 50.    As you’d expect, it lists what its panel of expert judges feel is an accurate reflection of who in the UK transport industry wields the most power and influence.   Transit has just produced its Power 50 listing for 2010.   

As the Conservative Group Leader on Merseytravel I was delighted to see that Neil Scales, Director General and Chief Executive of Merseytravel has achieved the lofty number 17 position, ahead of some very prominent people.    Well done Neil, keep up the good work and who knows, next year could be a top ten position.     For the full listing click HERE

Bonkers? No It’s Far Worse Than That!

Yesterday I blogged on PC madness regarding the loss of humour in calling bingo numbers, that was bad enough.  But today I read that the British Transport Police (BTP) removed the word Christmas from posters for fear of offending non believers or people of other faiths!     Read more of that by clicking HERE.      It comes to something when people in this country are afraid to use the word Christmas…..   Come the revolution!