L – Day!

I understand that at around lunchtime today the DCMS will be releasing its report into Wirral’s Library fiasco.     It is just a couple of days over 12 months ago when Wirral’s ruling Labour/LibDem coalition agreed to consult on the Stategic Asset Review (SAR) which included the closure of many of our Library’s, Leisure Centres and Swimming Pools.     Only one day before the first of Wirral’s Library’s was to close, Andy Burnham, the then Minister for the DCMS halted the closures and ordered a public Inquiry into the Library closures.    That Inquiry was chaired by Sue Charteris and was held over two days at the Floral Pavillion.

Readers will recall that having had sight of the contents of the draft report from Sue Charteris, the ruling Cabinet, in a clandestine midnight meeting with Council Officers carried out the biggest humiliating U Turn Wirral has ever seen and scrapped the closure programme.    Today we will all get to see the contents of the DCMS and Sue Charteris reports.   Should make for interesting reading!


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