At long last we have sight of the report by by Sue Charteris into the Labour plan to close our libraries.     Click HERE for a copy of the report.  

Having now read it, it is no surprise that Steve Foulkes and his cronies made such a humiliating U Turn on the closure programme.   The report basically damns their actions!   Among the key findings, is this: The Public Inquiry into Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council’s (MBC) Library Service has found the Council’s decision to restructure its Library Service to be in breach of its statutory duties under the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 , to provide “comprehensive and efficient public Library Services for all persons desirous to make use thereof”.    TIME FOR CHANGE!


2 thoughts on “DAMNED!

  1. I am not at all surprised at some of the comments in the Chatteris report in particular I note that the council were in default of their statutary duty Surely this means the plan was not legal? It was no wonder they didnt want anyone to see the report until they had made the decision to cancel

    If the original plan was not legal what steps can
    be taken to hold those responsible to account?

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