Depollution, or Pollution in Moreton?

A few months ago, following complaints from local residents I alerted the Council’s Planning Enforcement Team to a vehicle scrap yard that appeared on the Tarran Way Industrial Estate (Clearly visible from Pasture Road).      I have been now been told that a valid retrospective planning application has been submitted, not just for the storage of scrap vehicles but for a change of use to a change of use to vehicle depollution, dismantling and repair facility with sales of car parts’ on the site known as, Johnsons Industrial estate, Tarran Way South, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 4TP Application number 20095666

So what does depollution mean?   I have asked for further information, but it appears that all the fluids are removed from the vehicle, tyres etc and any other parts that need to be disposed of in a controlled manner, that just leaves the shell of the vehicle which I assume will be shredded with the resultant metal sold off.    

I have asked that the application be taken out of delegated authority which means that the decision to approve or refuse the application will be made by Wirral’s Planning Committee in a public hearing, not an Officer behind closed doors.   If you want to object to this application you can do so by sending an email to the planning officer dealing with the application.    To do that click here, all objections must be submitted by the 14th December.


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