Another Day, Another Christmas Event!

Me, Leah and Steve

This morning, along with Leah Fraser, and the newly elected Councillor for Moreton West and Saughall Massie, Steve Williams we attended the Moreton Adult Learning Centre’s Christmas Bazaar.    Like yesterdays event at Foxfield School it was extremely busy.    There were lots of different stalls, homemade cakes, books, bric-a brac, homegrown vegetables, grown on site in the garden, chutneys, raffle etc etc.      I bought a few bits and pieces as well as raffle tickets, who knows this time?   

We chatted to lots of the parents, grandparents and students and they were all tremendously enthusiastic about the day and the future.  This centre is simply one of the most popular, well used facilities for adults with learning difficulties in the Borough, that is testament to the hard work that everyone who is involved with it puts in.     Good luck all, hope you raise lots of funds today.


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