What’s His Name, oh and Address?

Yesterday I received a call from a resident of Wastdale Drive telling me he had just received a letter delivered by hand from the New Labour candidate.   The letter was from the MP, Angela Eagle, slagging off the Tories and asking the resident to vote for the New Labour candidate, Andrew Hollingsworth.   Strange the name on the nomination paper is Hollingworth (No S).   It appears that Ms Eagle does not know her candidates surname.      Oh dear, confusion over where he lives, not knowing his surname, it really does appear that the Wallasey Labour Party is in total disarray.   Below I have placed a JPEG which shows the spelling gaff.

3 thoughts on “What’s His Name, oh and Address?

  1. So much empathy and caring – I know toddlers that could write a more convincing appeal letter – and they would at least have someone correct their spelling – but then maybe it was someone from the Council’s Education Department who spell checked it for her!!

  2. It looks like Angela has gone to the same letter writing classes as dear old Gordon.
    No wonder education standards are slipping, under this Government.

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