Local Issues, Local Actions, Local Conservatives.

Last night, along with Steve Williams we attended the public meeting in the Grange Pub.   The Labour and Lib Dem candidates declined the invitation, however we attended with the Independent Socialist and the Green Candidate.       The meeting, attended by 16 people (only 3 of whom live in the ward) was chaired by a self confessed tory hater.   At least a dozen of the people  were the Independent Socialist candidates stooges, and it was clear that they wanted to turn this into a tory bashing session.   I am pleased to say it was a total failure!   

Steve Williams, (the ONLY candidate who lives in the ward) talked about local issues, about what really matters to local people, about representing their views in the Town Hall, it’s about the person doing the very best for their community, standing up for them, thats what makes a difference to local people.   The other two candidates used the event as a soap box for themselves, quite sad really, but not at all unexpected, some big ego’s to feed!    Those attending quickly saw what was going on and would not play the game.    It seems that even the stooges people recognise that the best candidate should win.    That will be Steve then!


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