5 Days To Go

There are five days to go until voting in the Moreton West and Saughall Massie by-election.    On Thursday 26th November, people across Moreton and Saughall Massie have their chance to send a message to the Town Hall bosses.      You can vote from 7am until 10pm, and you don’t need a polling card to vote.      Many people have already returned their votes by post, with more still coming in.    A survey, conducted by me and my colleague, Cllr Ian Lewis a couple of weeks ago at Moreton Cross,  shows that many former Labour voters are switching their vote either  to Steve Williams, the local Conservative, or Alec McFadden, the independent Socialist and Trade Unionist.      New Labour is, increasingly, out of the race.    

Local Conservative candidate Steve Williams, who is the ONLY candidate that lives in the ward said: “Since the sad and tragic death of Suzanne Moseley, our team has been out and about calling on residents.  It’s been great to meet so many people,  I know people like the work that Chris Blakeley, Simon Mountney and the team are doing.    If I win enough votes on Thursday, I will work with Chris, Simon and Leah on issues in this area.   If people want things to change, they must vote.”


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