With all the news, and controversy over recent months about Bankers bonus payments etc, I suddenly started to wonder does the Council pay any of its staff a Bonus.    So earlier this week I sent an email to the Chief Executive asking the following questions.    As yet I have not received a response.

Dear Chief Executive 

I would appreciate it if you would provide answers to the following questions:

Does WMBC operate a bonus system in its remuneration arrangements?

If it does, why does it do so?

If it does, how many staff received bonuses in 2008-09 and how many will be paid bonuses in 2009-10?

If it does, what grades of workers are paid bonuses and what % of their basic pay is paid as a bonus?

If bonuses are paid, how much was paid in total bonuses in 2008-09 and is likely in 2009-10?

If bonuses are paid, how does the council justify paying its staff bonuses in this recession when its residents are facing service cuts and personal financial difficulties?

If bonuses are viewed as essential to motivate performance of staff – is that an indictment of the failure of accountable management?


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