Another Lib Dem Heaps Praise on the Work of Conservative Councillors

In a comment on the previous posting, another prominent Liberal Democrat, John Brace, who is an activist in Birkenhead, and former candidate in Bidston praises the work of the three Moreton West and Saughall Massie Councillors.   This comes on top of the earlier praise from the Lib Dem candidate in the by-election on the 26th November.

In his comment Mr Brace says, “From what my wife tells me and what I hear, you (and Suzanne when she was around), as well as your fellow ward councillor have done stirling work standing up for your residents in difficult circumstances.”   He goes on to say, “I applaud you and your fellow councillor for the efforts you make compared to councillors of other parties”   You can read the full comment by clicking HERE.  

Over the years, many Lib Dems have told me, Suzanne,  Simon  and now Steve Williams that they would be voting for us in the local elections, simply because, like Mr Brace and Mr Pitt they see us as being effective, hard working and committed to the communities we represent.

Thank you Mr Pitt and Mr Brace for your comments.  Perhaps from your lead more Lib Dems in Moreton and Saughall Massie will vote for the Local Conservatives, we are the only party that truly works all year round, and we always put our community first and party politics second.


2 thoughts on “Another Lib Dem Heaps Praise on the Work of Conservative Councillors

  1. Hi Chris I vote Lib Dem at every general election, but locally the Conservatives have my vote and while you and your colleagues continue to put the effort in you do, that won’t change. I hope others do follow suit.

  2. I did think quite hard before writing that comment; as I thought sentences might be used out of context.

    However, although I’ve never met the Liberal Democrat candidate in the byelection; my comments were about the Conservative councillors in the ward (as I’ve seen demonstrated at public meetings) of doing their best to get things done and changed for the better (which I’d hope all parties want).

    Examples would be over the Social Services charging “overcharging” policy, saving the libraries from the axe and many other things.

    My point about difficult circumstances is because the ward is represented now by two (not three) councillors; as well as the extra work that comes because of a byelection..

    Compared to some councillors of other parties (no names mentioned) who will no doubt not stand in May or lose their seats; the public realise that one party on the Wirral took a principled stand on issues that matter to them such as libraries and the Strategic Asset Review. The Lab/LD administration did eventually change their policy; but seemed to think they could just tell the public about their “vision” and they had to accept it.

    It is this view in the parties of the administration that they tell their party members (and councillors) and public to either accept what they’re doing, don’t ask too many questions and accept a small clique making the decisions and imposing the party whip that has led to a number of Liberal Democrats (such as Rob Earl, Oliver Adams etc) switching to the Conservative Party.

    This does worry me; as it is something that unless dealt with will damage the electoral prospects of both Liberal Democrats and Labour come the General Election (and local election) next year.

    I also notice (through the use of Residents Surveys) in other wards how the Conservative Party is trying to focus on what local people want.

    If anything I’ve been learning from your techniques and trying to apply (some of them in a limited way) locally, as to be honest if someone else has a good idea of any party; you might as well use it!

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