A Very Worried MP!

I have just received a message on Facebook regarding Labour’s campaign in Moreton West and Saughall Massie, or should I say Angela Eagles campaign.      I have selected relevant extracts of the message and reproduced them below in Italic, my comments in bold.   Looks like the incumbent MP is a very worried lady and is using the by-election as a way of trying to gain some support.   Too little to late Angela.    ITS TIME FOR CHANGE:

Following the death of a local Tory councillor, there will be a by-election in the Moreton West and Saughall Massie ward.  Although Moreton is currently represented by three Tory councillors, the ward has been held by Labour in the recent past and we still have some strong support there. The area will prove to be a key battle ground in the next general election.   Recent past? Not for the last nine years.   We are therefore looking to use the by election as an opportunity to build voter ID in the run up to the general election as well as potentially electing a new Labour councillor.    A new Labour Councillor? YEH, Labour will be lucky to come third or fourth behind the Independent and the Green.    The ward is almost entirely residential with a handful of local shopping/pubs etc. This means that the main issue affecting the ward is anti-social behaviour. The campaign that we are running is focussing on Tory cuts.   Tory cuts!  After the way this Labour led Council has treated the people of Wirral, not to mention Gordon Brown, 10p Tax fiasco, hikes in Fuel duty etc!   Methinks people in Glass Houses……   The Tories are really campaigning hard in Wallasey and think that they can win it at the next general election.  We don’t think we can win it.   We know we can win it!       Could I suggest Angela’s friends start thinking about leaving presents!


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