respect-logoHappily, the vast majority of our population, and indeed the worlds population respect, and remember all those people who have given their lives in order that we can have freedom.  This is marked every year on Remembrance Sunday.    Sadly, in his quest to become a Wirral Councillor, the hard left, socialist Independent Candidate, in the Moreton West and Saughall Massie by-election chose to distribute his propaganda in Moreton yesterday, Remembrance Sunday.   Now, many would say that I am a hard campaigner, and I am driven to rid Wirral of this Labour/Lib Dem ruling Junta, however I have never, and would never peddle politics on a day that is for remembering all those fallen heroes.   Both he, and his team should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.


One thought on “Respect!

  1. I quite agree, not only is Rememberance Day about previous wars,it is unfortunately now a day to remember present day fallen soldiers.A few of whom recently have come from our own area. Surely one day without politics is not to much to ask

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