Leasowe Common, Clean Up!

web Group Pic GAD LME 3 Nov 09
L to R: Cllr Chris Blakeley, Cllr Leah Fraser, Steve Williams, Alex Jones, Cllr Ian Lewis, Maria (Marg was behind the lens)

Immediately after finishing delivering this morning, (with a short break in Panino’s for Coffee) Steve and I met up met up with our colleagues, Cllr Ian Lewis, Leah Fraser and some volunteers to carry out a litter pick on Leasowe Common.   This is the latest in our series of Green Action Days, and in under an hour we managed to collect 11 bin bags of litter and to be honest we only scratched the surface.  The amount of litter in the bushes is tremendous and we have asked ‘Streetscene’ to get a team onto the common to clear all the litter and debris from within the bushes.


One thought on “Leasowe Common, Clean Up!

  1. Hi my name, Ron my age is 66 for most of my life I’ve enjoyed going to Moreton Common buy car, in my younger day’s from Liverpool, then got married and brought my children from Chester, and then in my later years with my Grandchildren, also enjoyed meeting up with old friends, from around the country, to sit buy our car’s have a nice cupper and reminis. I’m now trying to find why after all these years I can no longer drive onto the Common. I think it’s such a shame. Thanking you,

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