Fly Posting

Normally I would report on the blog about clubs/businesses blighting our Town with illegal fly posting.   In June readers may recall it was the BNP fly posting on lighting columns.   Sadly today one of the parties, or one of their activists  has flyposted on the empty shops in Moreton, promoting the candidate for the forthcoming by-election in Moreton West and Saughall Massie, which was caused by the sad and tragic loss of my colleague, Suzanne Moseley.    

WEb MCF Fly posting MoretonX 4    5th Nov

Flyposting is strictly forbidden under election law, as outlined in a letter sent to all the parties by the Boroughs Electoral Officer.   I have reproduced the relevant section below:

Fly-posting:     “I would like to stress that fly-posting will not be tolerated. Any instances will be dealt with severely including recovery of costs for removal and making good, with referral to the police and court action if necessary.”

I have sent date and time stamped photographs to the Council’s Returning Officer and requested that as well as removing the flyposting he takes action to recover the costs and if necessary have the offenders prosecuted.


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