Moreton Community Centre

Web LF CB SW Moreton Community Nov 09
L to R: Leah Fraser, Cllr Chris Blakeley and Steve Williams at the Community Centre

After many meetings, with the full support of me, Simon (and Suzanne until her sad death), volunteers at Moreton Community Centre are about to take over!   The Council has decided that all Community Centre must be transferred to local control by January 2011 or be shut down.

I have backed this centre since the day I was elected, it does great work in the community, and the volunteers are doing a brilliant job.  The Councils hated ‘Strategic Asset Review’, which was backed by New Labour and the Liberal Democrats, could have seen it closed down.  It is to the credit of  the Chairman of the centre, Mike Griffiths and his team that it is staying open.   Steve, Leah and I chatted with Mike today when we went to Breathe Easy.   Mike has done such a great job on the transfer of the centre, that the Council has asked him to help other centres along, sadly, but not surprisingly they are not paying him! 

Unfortunately, despite continuing lobbying by the Local Conservatives, the very popular and well used Moreton Family Centre on Pasture Road, that helps lots of mums, dads and grandparents is closing down as a direct result of the Labour Lib Dem cuts.    They, and their supporters  should hang their heads in shame.   You can click HERE for proof that the Family Centre is destined for closure.


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