Shanghai or Linear Park?

Readers of the blog and the wider Moreton Community will be aware of mine, Simon Mountney’s, Leah Fraser and Steve Williams fight to get Linear Park childrens Play Area refurbished with new safety matting and play equipment.  

CB LF SM SW and Kids Linear

The cost, we are told is circa £30,000 and the Council says it has not got the funding!     Strange then that the same Council can find £28,000 to send officers to the World Expo in Shanghai next year.    I am not buying the rubbish that it’s different funding, or from another budget heading.   The simple fact is it is £28,000 of public money, and it should be spent on basics first and foremost, rather than junkets for Council Officers.      

I truly find it exasperating, distressing and downright disgusting that this Council would choose to spend £28,000 on a trip to Shanghai for Council Officers when the infrastructure of the Borough is collapsing around it.    Come on Wirral, for once get the basics right, and put the kids first!


3 thoughts on “Shanghai or Linear Park?

  1. The problem with Linear Park is that it’s already beginning to look exactly what it is: derelict and abandoned. The areas where the tiles have been removed are filling with 3″ of water potentially hiding broken bottles and the like.

    With the best will in the World, the kids do have to hop over the fence into the area if only to retrieve their footballs.

    But, with the poor drainage in the area outside the play area, they can’t play football there when it’s been raining.

    I cannot believe the Council cannot find the money to provide even a temporary solution by laying a bit of tarmac where the tiles have been removed and painting a few white lines.

    Sheesh – I regularly get people knocking on my door offering to do similar work for less than a couple of hundred quid!

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