Monday Night

Tonight was full Council, so sadly I was not out on the doorstep in Moreton.   However whilst I sat in the Council chamber, our candidate, Steve Williams was out with a smaller team than usual knocking on doors.   He tells me that the results are tremendous.    

Meanwhile, back in the Council chamber the main debate was on the Social Services PIDA report.    Read the Wirral Globe coverage by clicking HERE.     After a heated debate, the Labour and Lib Dem coalition closed ranks and voted down our call for an independent inquiry into the matter.    One has to ask, if they believe nothing is wrong, why won’t they allow a public investigation? 

The last Notice of Motion, opposition to Air Passenger Duty (APD) was moved by my colleague, former Labour Seacombe  Councillor, Denis Knowles.  You can read his NOM by clicking HERE.   The NOM was supported by the entire Labour Group, including his former Seacombe colleagues.  They have clearly, finally seen the light!    Nice one Denis


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