Saturday in Moreton and Saughall Massie

This morning, led by our candidate, Steve Williams the local action team was joined by activists from across the area, with people coming from Merseyside, Widnes, Wirral South, Wirral West and Birkenhead to deliver over 4,700 letters and leaflets right across the Moreton West and Saughall Massie Ward.  In a little over two hours everyone had completed their allocation and the job was done.    Thanks to all our ‘usual suspects’ for coming out this morning, and special thanks to Carl Cross, Roger Bates, David Elderton, Geoffrey Watt, John Gilbert, Alan Guy and Les and Barbara Thomas for their support as well.


I was out with colleagues on the Lingham Estate, and guess what………   for the first time in years New Labour were distributing a leaflet called  ‘Labour Lies News’.      Tell me, is there an election taking place?   Strangely the Labour Lies leaflet refers to the Labour candidate as living ‘all his life in Moreton’….   Why then is the address on his nomination papers given as Flat 3, 4 Queens Road, Birkenhead CH42 1QY?       Now my geography ain’t brilliant, but even I know that Birkenhead is not Moreton.   Perhaps the Labour agent would like to respond?


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